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Sex after 50—the Price and the Gift

My cell phone makes a “chirpy bird” sound every morning at 6:10 a.m. This is a reminder for me to take my daily dose of a special estrogen that targets the tissues of my vagina. This jolt of hormones repairs what menopause has taken–the elasticity, welcoming moistures, sexual readiness and accommodation that for so many years were an unquestioned part of my being a woman.


I don’t have a partner in my life right now. But when this special man does show up, I won’t be able to be sexually intimate without pain and days-after discomfort, unless my body is being helped along with the enhancing effects of this daily medication. You see, this sex after 50 that everyone is yammering about, isn’t only about blue pills and super lube. It’s not that simple. At least for me–and as much as 75% of all woman over 50.


My libido is still energetic and awake, and my interest in male companionship is still right here and very much alive. My hips can gyrate, my toes can curl, my arms wrap and my lips know what to do. So, you’d think I’d be ready to jump right into the freedom and experimentation of sex after 50 that is now being touted and spouted all over the place. This sounds wonderful and good, but it just isn’t working for me. Why? Because I find that something very different is going on. I am an older version of myself. I’ve changed psychologically and my body’s changed physically. And with these changes, my desires have changed as well.


A greater attention and care is now required for me to have a healthy and enriching sex life. I can no longer simply let my body take over and worry about my heart later . . .