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Robin Korth, homeless man, judging others

Why Judging You Beats The Hell Out Of Me

“Oh my God! Don’t they have a mirror?”


“What a nasty person they are to live that way!”


“Did you see her photos? What did she do to her face?”


“What a steaming pile of garbage that is!”


“What an idiot! Who do they think they’re fooling?”


I can judge you, belittle you and brutalize you with my words and thoughts without even knowing you. And, I actually believe I have every right to do this. My culture, my upbringing, some of my education, the media that incessantly pounds ads and sales pitches at me, and the “let’s get all excited” tabloids and gossipy talk shows, all tell me that it’s totally okay for me to think, feel and act this way.


Lately I’ve taken a really close look at what my need to judge is all about. This doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions and insights about what is valid and good, what is helpful and true for me.  Of course I do. I need to examine life as I negotiate my path. I need to choose, understand, seek and decide. But, being judgmental about what you think, do and say doesn’t help me in this at all. In fact, it actually gets in my way. Because when I put my attention and emotions into judging you, I get to avoid feeling, thinking and growing within my own life.

What is it about judging you that makes me feel so good? It’s really pretty simple: I get to feel better about who I am by beating the hell out of who you are . . .